SEO is more than just link building…

There used to be a time that you could just go publish content on free press release sites with keyword rich anchor text putting back to your domain and enjoy the benefits associate with an increase in rankings.  Those days are long gone. SEO has changed dramatically over the past decade and now requires the constant study of visitor behavior, the analysis of traffic patterns and keyword movement as well as the development of engaging content.  Modern day SEO involves a comprehensive approach that combines on-page, on-site, off-site, social media and brand building strategies designed to attract new visitors.

Ensuring that well-crafted content is being distributed through the right channels, while targeting a relevant audience, plays into the core of a Google approved modern day SEO strategy that seeks to work with search engines as opposed to trying to game them. As search algorithms get smarter and smarter through artificial intelligence and machine learning (RankBrain), realizing that the goal isn’t to try and beat them but rather work to understand and follow the rules is a strategy not just worth investing in today, but that will benefit you in the future.

One of the worst things a professional SEO could do is fall into the belief that they can outsmart a search engine by using black or grey hat tactics while putting your clients website at risk.  Instead, the use intelligent, targeted and relevant content marketing strategies while studying the technical aspects and structure of a website provide for a better long term strategy and faster results.