Marketing and Retargeting with Facebook Ads

Depending on your product or service, Facebook ads can be a great way to create awareness and find new customers. Aside from some excellent demographic and ad targeting features, displaying ads to potential clients during their "down" or leisure time often yields a higher response.  In the right scenario, there is a greater likelihood that someone will dedicate more time to viewing or engage further with an ad if it is delivered when they're not pressed for time or in the midst of other tasks.

Why Facebook Advertising Works

When done correctly, ads that target audiences based on behavior, interests or demographics have a higher rate of effectiveness.  Blanketing a large audience with advertisements that lack relevance is not only a quick way to waste time and money, but is also less likely to achieve the desired outcome.  A carefully planned digital advertising strategy requires research that targets the right audience, thereby maximizing the potential of the ad budget and increasing the likelihood of the campaigns objective.