Digital Badvertising: Don’t Lose Your Shirt to a Bad Advertising Agency

The agency world is full of risk takers, many of which are looking to gain experience on your dime. The thrill or rush of accepting money to manage a digital advertising campaign that someone is unqualified to deliver results on, runs rampant and can waste a businesses valuable time and money.  There are however a couple of things you can do to help protect yourself.

Ask for Projections

There are a lot of tools available to help advertisers come up with digital advertising campaign projections. On the Google Ads side, there is something called a keyword planner, which allows advertisers to insert targeted keywords and get a sense as to what the cost per click, amount of impressions and and average click through rate may be. To be fair, these tools are loosely accurate because they don't take into account things like conversion rate optimization and landing page experience, but they can at least give you a ballpark or some sense as to what a reasonable budget should be.

Ask Yourself: Is your Agency Asking Enough Questions?

When taking on a new client, the discovery phase is an important part of the process. We spend a lot of time asking questions and doing research to come up with a game plan.  One of the biggest or more critical aspects to this is what type of data already exists and making sure we have access to it. Google analytics provides lots of information relating to traffic patterns, exit and entry pages, demographic data like age, sex and location and interests as well as behavioral data, Facebook can provide similar data and there are many external resources that can be used to do research for the purposes of targeting. Even something as simple as knowing the sophistication of your ideal audience so that you can create relatable content and use the right voice in your messaging is key.  If your agency isn't asking for access to this type of information and not probing you for details related to your product, service, industry, the cyclical nature of your business etc., they're less likely to provide a good result.

Do Some Research on Your Own

While easy enough, this step often gets forgotten about because working with a digital advertising agency might be new to you and people generally want to believe that others are honest and have good intentions. But asking for verifiable references or a case study on a recent digital ad campaign may give you a good understanding as to who you are dealing with.  It doesn't take much for two people to put up a sign and hook up a few laptops in a garage and pretend to be an agency. Something as simple as how professional your agency contact is, their dress, demeanor and how they carry themselves can provide insight into the culture of the organization and tell you how sophisticated and organized they are. Instincts play a good part in this and if something doesn't seem or feel right, you should trust your judgement.

As an agency, our approach has always been to get a clear understanding of our clients, their goals, needs, competition, industry etc., and operate in a professional manor. We believe that basing marketing decisions on data and research dramatically increases your chances of a successful digital ad campaign with the purpose of generating leads and finding new clients.  Contact Atavato Digital Advertising today to discuss how we can help you on your next campaign.


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