Finding the Rhythm of Your Next Digital Advertising Campaign

In a lot of ways a digital advertising campaign can be compared to a living, breathing entity. It has a pulse and a rhythm, and if developed correctly, great results may come. While this sounds simple and straightforward, success is largely attributed to a combination of passion, experience and an advertisers ability to use basic logic and/or common sense to solve problems.

Where Passion Meets Obsession

When we first launch a digital advertising campaign, whether it be PPC in the form of Google AdWords, optimizing for organic search or a combination of both, we’ve found that a constant review of even the smallest details is critical. Some might call it obsession, but we feel that obsession does converge with passion in that double, triple and quadruple checking has always served our clients well. The last thing you need is for your money to be spent frivolously as a result of a lack of attention to detail.

Experience Counts For a Lot

A lot of digital advertisers lack the necessary experience to create and manage a successful digital advertising campaign. Unless you have several years of experience in the agency world or on a marketing team, it’s not likely that you’ll spend an advertisers dollars wisely and avoid common mistakes. Atavato’s real industry experience coupled with excitement and passion, has been the backbone of many successful digital advertising campaigns.

Common Sense and Logic are Not as Common as You Might Think

Often times during the life of a campaign, decisions have to be made enhance performance and maximize spend dollars based on goals. Decision making should take into consideration both the data available and logic. Some common examples include:

  • Determining what ads or ad assets should be included, edited or removed.
  • Where budget dollars should be increased, decreased or reallocated.
  • What advertising channels are offering the best return based on spend and the value of a lead and the ability to turn that lead into a customer/client.

Sometimes It’s All About Timing

Having the right touch is important.  Many campaigns fail due to “knee-jerk” reactions where a campaign manager quickly edits or adjusts spend, ads, bids and budgets without giving the campaign enough time to aggregate data and base decisions on said data.  Maintaining discipline while observing visitor behavior are critical in the early stages (1 to 3 months depending on campaign size), and knowing what and when to make adjustments are judgement calls best left to experienced professionals.


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