Conversion Rate Optimization: The Lost Art Form

This often ignored but critical aspect to any digital advertising campaign is an extremely valuable to meeting ROI goals. Studying website visitor behavior and optimizing for conversions isn’t just the latest trend, it’s a necessity for any business or brand that wants to be successful in the digital space.  In order to maximize your opportunity for engagement and increase your ability to turn a visitor into a conversion, onsite optimization decisions should be based on the study of aggregated data from reliable sources.

Using state of the art software tools to track website visitors and study behavior patterns, intelligent decisions can be made to leverage new and existing site traffic, and ensure you’re maximizing your digital advertising ROI. Conversion rate optimization (CRO) doesn’t just impact pay-per-click advertising campaigns, but also impacts organic search results and shoudl be considered an integral part of any SEO strategy.

Analysis of patterns through heat maps or watching videos of visitor interaction is just the start of an what is an ongoing monitoring and adjustment process with the purpose of optimizing for conversion. Combining data from multiple sources like Facebook, Google Ads, Google analytics and 3rd party software tools can help to ensure you’re not only speaking to, but capturing your desired audience.