Search Advertising Campaign Management

Your next Google AdWords search advertising campaign deserves to be managed by an agency with experts with experience.  At Atavato, we believe that the key to a successful AdWords campaign is the ability to leverage both existing and future data while making decisions.  This is no easy task, as it requires regular research and analysis on the part of the campaign manager.

While many agencies try to quickly get an AdWords campaign up to speed and then employ the “set it and forget it” method, Atavato’s obsession with data analysis and finding ways to constantly improve ad performance have served it’s clients well. The constant monitoring of technical data, industry trends and the cyclical nature of a business all provide additional insight and uncover new opportunities as we go along.

Your competition may be operating using a similar strategy, which means that it’s very important that your AdWords campaign manager continues to improve ad performance.  As you may already be aware, AdWords is an auction with bidders coming in an out regularly.  Constantly monitoring for new auction entrants while staying on top of ad performance features is a full time job and shouldn’t be taken lightly.  Consider Atavato as your next AdWords search advertising campaign manager and we’ll show you how seriously we value your time and money.  Contact us today to discuss your products or services.